Sunil Grover’s Ahmedabad show is in legal trouble now

Sunil Grover who was in the news for this year’s mega controversy, his mid air fight with the Ace comedian Kapil Sharma. After the post fight Sunil refuses to join the team again and focusing more on live events and show appearances.

Sunil Grover's Ahmedabad show is in legal trouble now

But now the comedian is in the legal troubles as he is preparing for his another live show in Ahmedabad, the show is now landed in a legal trouble as an organiser filed a complaint against Sunil and his manager Devang Shah, who also is the the director of X-factor Entertainment Company.

The complaint was filed by an event manager, Rajpal Vastupal Shah who works in Jasu Pooja Event Company. He puts the allegations on the comedian and his manager that shah promised a live event of Sunil in Ahmedabad and also took ₹ 10 lakh but later breached the contract and now he is holding that same event with a different organiser at the same date.

The complainant filed the complaint under the Indian Penal code (IPC) section 417, 418 and 120(B).

Now let’s see what happens in this case.


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